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Proclamation - October 4 through October 10, 2015 as Mental Illness Awareness Week in Chaplin

Oct 4, 2015 -



Whereas mental health is part of overall health and wellness.


Whereas one in five adults experiences a mental health problem in any given year and one in 17 adults lives with mental illness such as major depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia; and


Whereas approximately one-half of chronic mental illness begins by the age of 14 and three-quarters by age 24;


Whereas long delayssometimes decadesoften occur between the time symptoms first appear and when individuals get help; and


Whereas early identification and treatment can make a difference in successful management of mental illness and recovery; and


Whereas it is important to maintain mental health and learn the symptoms of mental illness in order to get help when it is needed; and


Whereas, every citizen and community can make a difference in helping end the fear, ignorance and shame that for too long have surrounded mental illness, and discouraged people from getting help;


Whereas public education and civic activities can demystify mental health issues, promote early intervention, and help to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness;


NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, The Board of Selectmen of Chaplin, Connecticut do hereby proclaim October 4 through October 10, 2015 as Mental Illness Awareness Week in Chaplin to increase public understanding of the importance of mental health and to promote identification and treatment of mental illnesses.


AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that all citizens, businesses, schools, and community organizations are encouraged to recognize Mental Illness Awareness Week by promoting mental health awareness activities, and by participating in the grassroots activities of the Eastern Regional Mental Health Board, to make their communities' mental health needs known to the decision-makers of the State of Connecticut.   Dated at the town of Chaplin, CT this 8th day of October 2015: