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495 Phoenixville Road, Chaplin, CT 06235

Windham County Connecticut

 Phone: (860) 455-0073

 Fax: (860) 455-0027

 Email: assistant@chaplinct.org

May 8, 2018 RD11 Referendum Results

Chaplin 88 yes 33 no, Hampton 130 yes 129 no, Scotland 59 yes 127 no.

Totals 277 yes 289 no

RD 11 Budget DID NOT pass

Town Of Chaplin News

Chaplin Cleanup Day

Apr 15, 2017 -

Our annual Chaplin Cleanup Day will be taking place on Saturday, April 15 (you can participate in the cleanup at any time, however).  If just about 10% of our town can do their part and help out, we could clean all roads and public areas in the town!  Please considering signup up for the annual Chaplin Cleanup Day this year.  Full information is available at http://chris.komuves.com/cleanup

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