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Windham County Connecticut

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An extraordinary early 19th century building boom and a 20th century road improvement project created Chaplin, a village suspended in time....

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Town of Chaplin Notices

Sat, Nov 28th
DOWNLOAD: Tri-Town School Study

Visit the Tri-Town School Study webpage for the Comprehensive Enrollment Analysis and additional documentation.

Advisory Poll on the Future of the Chaplin, Hampton, Scotland and Region 11 School Districts:

Over the past year, a Working Group commissioned by the First Selectmen of Chaplin, Hampton and Scotland studied the current structure of Chaplin, Hampton, Scotland and Region 11 School Districts for the purpose of recommending options for the future structure of these school districts. The Working Group consisted of representatives of school administration, boards of education, and residents of each of the three towns. The consensus of the Working Group was that the current structure (where each town has its own school district for the purposes of providing education for grades PK-6 education and Region 11 School District is a separate district providing education for grades 7-12) is not financially sustainable.

The First Selectmen seek the input of citizens for guidance on the future of the four school districts through an Advisory Poll which will be held in conjunction with the November 2015 election. The First Selectmen will use the data to determine whether to request the boards of education for each town and/or Region 11 to initiate a formal process which potentially may change the current structure of the four school districts.Any actual change will require a formal study pursuant to a statutory process and a separate, formal vote by citizens to approve the change; this process would take approximately two years.

All taxpayers and registered voters will be requested to select one of the following three options in the Advisory Poll:

1. Expand Region 11 School District from grades 7-12 to grades PK-12, leaving One Regional Board of Education for grades PK-12- Expansion of Region 11 from solely grades 7-12 to grades PK-12 results in a single, regional board of education responsible for the education of students in grades PK-12. The three local boards of education would cease to exist.

2. Dissolve Region 11 School District, leaving Three Local Boards of Education for grades PK-12 - Dissolution of Region 11 results in the closure of Parish Hill Middle and High School, and leaves each of the three local boards of education responsible for the education of students in grades PK-12.

3. Maintain Current Educational Structure - Maintaining the current structure results in four boards of education, with the three local boards of education continuing to be responsible for the education of students in grades PK-6, and Region 11 continuing to be responsible for the education of students in grades 7-12.

The Advisory Poll ballot will appear as indicated below. Please familiarize yourself with the ballot to ensure that you cast your vote for your preferred option.

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