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495 Phoenixville Road, Chaplin, CT 06235

Windham County Connecticut

 Phone: (860) 455-0073

 Fax: (860) 455-0027

 Email: assistant@chaplinct.org


The Recreation Commission will be setting up a drive thru Halloween display at Garrison Park on Halloween Night (October 31st) 

Join Us from 6-8pm to see some spooky fun displays! 

We want families and community members to be assured we are following safe guidelines concerning Covid-19. We are asking that whoever joins us remains in their vehicle during the event. This is a non-contact event. The recreation commission will have a candy chute at the end to drop candy into cars of those who would like a sweet treat at the end! There will be signs to follow through the path of displays. Dress up and come have fun!

Get Tested for COVID-19


Absentee Ballots and 11/3/2020 State and Presidential ElectionSee the Town Clerk's webpage for details.

Dog Licensing - see the Town Clerk's webpage for details.

Chaplin Library - The library is planning to reopen the building on Monday, August 10th. We have striven to provide quality digital resources, virtual programs, and curbside service to keep patrons connected while the building was closed to the public. We will continue to offer curbside service during the reopening. As we adjust to the new requirements, the building will remain closed on Saturdays throughout August.  The library will be complying with the CT rules for reopening. Please note the following:  

We will continue to offer virtual programs. Please see the Events page on www.chaplinpubliclibrary.org to learn about upcoming events for adults and children.     


Town Hall - will continue to be closed to the public until further notice, but will still offer services as needed by appointment. The Board of Selectmen feel there is not a pressing need at this time to open the Town Hall to the public yet so that we may continue to limit exposure to both residents and employees.  The First Selectman's Office will be open Monday 9-3pm, Tuesday 1-7pm, Wednesday 9-3pm, Thursday, 9-3pm.  

The BOS voted to close town buildings to the public starting on March 23rd In an effort to cut down on as much public traffic as possible. We also installed a secure incoming mailbox and a separate outgoing mailbox in the parking lot. 

By appointment, any documents of a secure nature, can be received or given out through the restricted access window to the left of the Town Clerks bulletin board. If anyone feels it is absolutely necessary and are comfortable meeting outside with select staff who also have to be comfortable to conduct business outside, there will be a table and chairs provided on the veranda for this purpose. This type of meeting will be by appointment only and please adhere to social distancing guidelines and mask requirements. Hand sanitizer will be provided.


Meetings and Public Hearings -  We will continue to conduct all meetings remotely.  Dial-in instructions are provided on every agenda which are available on our website.


Senior Center - will remain closed to the public.


Transfer station - continues to operate its regular hours, 9am to 4pm on Saturdays, but the swap shop will remain closed.


Department of Public Works - crews are working normal business hours, 7am-3pm Monday through Friday.   


Town Clerk/Building Official/Zoning Enforcement Officer/Inland Wetlands Agent/Registrar of Voters/Assessor/Treasurer/Finance Manager/Tax Collector Town officials are working intermittent hours and are available by appointment only: 

Town Clerk  860-455-0073  Ext 312 townclerk@chaplinct.org
Finance Office 860-455-0073  Ext 317 vgarrison@chaplinct.org
Chaplin Tax Office in Windham 860-465-3037 collectorofrevenue@windhamct.com
Assessor 860-465-3026 assessor@chaplinct.org
Building Official   860-465-3042 buildingoffical@chaplinct.org
Zoning Officer  860-235-3570 zoningofficer@chaplinct.org
Wetland Agent 860-428-7992 joetheroux426@comcast.net
Agent for the Elderly Chaplin.muni.agent@gmail.com
Registrar of Voters 860-455-0073 Ext 319 registrars@chaplinct.org


Selectman's Office - The First Selectman's office is open 24 hours a week and you may reach Bill Rose at 860-455-0073 Ext. 310 or via email at firstselectman@chaplinct.org.  General requests you may contact the Administrative Assistant, Sue Krodel, at 860-455-0073 Ext 310 or assistant@chaplinct.org


Firehouse Rentals - at this time the hall is not being rented.